Attention Peripheral Neuropathy Sufferers


If you have numbness, tingling, burning, a rolled up sock feeling, sharp pains, coldness, balance problems and/or a feeling like you’re walking on cardboard in your feet then you most likely have peripheral neuropathy. This can be a debilitating condition and severely affects your life. Many of my patients have difficulty walking, standing, sleeping, golfing, and with many other basic life activities. Just the pressure from a blanket on their feet can be painful.

My name is Dr. Hanson and I have been treating peripheral neuropathy for years with a very high success rate. I have approximately 1000 hours in post graduate study and am board certified in functional neurology. I have developed a peripheral nerve and brain based treatment program that has helped people with all types of neuropathy.

Most people that come in my office have a combination of large and small fiber neuropathy and both peripheral nerve types need to be treated appropriately for people to get the results they want. Furthermore, the disconnection between the feet/hands and the brain must be connected again. When you have symptoms of numbness, tingling, burning, sharp pains, coldness etc., it is a sign that not only are your peripheral nerves damaged but the signals going to an area of your brain called the cerebellum and parietal lobe are impaired. These areas of the brain are responsible for maintaining our balance and perceiving sensation.

My treatment protocols are breakthrough and I am one of only about 11 Carrick Institute trained Board Certified Functional Neurologists in Washington State.

Brain and Peripheral Nervous System Therapy has a high clinical success rate and is proven to work on even the toughest cases when others have failed.

The treatments are painless, affordable, non-surgical and drug free.  If you are tired of taking medications like GABAPENTIN or have been told just to live with it then fill out the form and get on the road to recovery. I am offering you a free consultation and neuropathy evaluation where I will determine what kind of peripheral neuropathy you have and go over my recommendation for recovery.

 Included in the Free Consultation is:

  • A peripheral neuropathy evaluation
  • An examination of your Cerebellum and Parietal Lobe function that are responsible for balance and sensation perception. This is rarely examined and is absolutely necessary to get results. NOTE: if you have difficulty walking, balance problems, numbness, burning, tingling, sharp pains, rolled up sock feelings etc. then these areas of the brain are dysfunctional.
  • My recommendations for your recovery